EPHP: A tool to help students learn the very basics of PHP


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James Titcumb at 07:20 on 10 Nov 2016

Very interesting tool presented, and speaker spoke clearly and expressed points really well. I spoke to Nick after about some potential for improvement in the tool itself (e.g. using PHP Parser's AST, or DBGp and xdebug, and also PHP School), but it looks useful! Only criticism is it didn't flow well enough; switching between the demo left some awkward silence, but otherwise a great talk. Thanks Nick :)

Sarah Cotton at 09:42 on 10 Nov 2016

Interesting project and great to see some actual code... also very brave doing a live demo!

Lee Boynton at 11:37 on 14 Nov 2016

The talk was well delivered, it was clear and easy to understand. I personally would have liked the code examples to include parameterised queries and HTML escaping to ensure that students understand the importance of security concepts from the start. Other than that, thanks Nick! :)