Don't code, bake. An introduction to CakePHP


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For a first time speaker, David did excellently. He was enthusiastic, energetic and gave off a great energy. Good content, a good "intro" level talk to Cake. Answered the questions really well. Couple of tips for improvement: don't look at the slides on the screen, learn how to use presentation view so you can have your notes, and always have an adapter to VGA (or less likely, HDMI).

Really enjoyed this talk, thanks David!

Really enjoyable talk. Really engaging for a first talk. Content was good, though some examples may have helped people really get a feel for it.

A great introduction by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenter who clearly 'know his stuff'. I'd really like to have seen some code though - if you really can 'bake' a site in five min, then how about doing a demo of that at the end, then providing a quick walk-through of each of the parts which you explained so very well in the talk.?

Really enjoyable talk. You are obviously really enthusiastic about using Cake and that really showed. Very good talk for a first time, good tone of voice, perhaps a little bit fast, although I understood everything that was said.

Only thing that would've made it better for me was a quick demo. I liked seeing the commits stats at the start, as I like others thought Cake development might've been slowing down, but that proved me wrong.

Thanks for coming David! Hope to see you speak again at PHPHants!

I enjoyed this talk and was definitely sold on giving Cake PHP a try. David was very enthusiastic and told you what you needed know to to get going with it, and to choose the right version. I kept thinking of Art Attack, which is no bad thing.