CakePHP: Still Not Dead


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David du Toit at 16:18 on 29 Sep 2016

1. Very well planned presentation (nicely done slides)
2. Well versed
3. Obviously very knowledgeable
4. Was very confident with writing on screen (i mean it was even in presentation mode)

I would have given him a 5 if he was a bit more interactive / animated / entertaining on the stage; or other wise put - did not stand in one spot throughout the presentation. :D

Obviously the ^ is not for everyone, but it would have made things more entertaining while learning that Cake is still rather bad-ass.

Never understood why my mentor swore by cakephp. I now understand. Well done! Great talk!

Matt Vosloo at 08:21 on 30 Sep 2016

My next project will definitely be built with cakePHP. It was great to hear from one of the core devs.

Andre Smith at 09:30 on 30 Sep 2016

Speaker raised interested in me. I now want to try CakePHP to see what more it has to offer. Great talk by a natural, well prepared speaker.

Lefu at 09:42 on 30 Sep 2016

Very good, thanks for getting someone who is passionate about CakePHP

This was a great overview of cakephp. it didn't get too technical to lose non-cakephp user. it was enough to show its good unique features and get attendees interested in trying it out if they hadn't. the presenter was also very helpful after the presentation.

Great presentation, speaker is very well informed, gave a nice overall look at cakephp to give the attendees a good idea of what cakephp is capable of

Great and informative, might have created a new cakePHP convert!