Delusions of Adequecy


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David du Toit at 15:24 on 29 Sep 2016

Coming from a strong Agile/Scrum background I was looking forward to a talk on adequacy by a Product Owner. The points of interest had potential, he has good interaction skills with the crowd and usage of the digital question/poll was cool. The presentation did not seem very well prepared unfortunately. I think it could be an awesome talk, when presented better. :)

Andre Smith at 15:39 on 29 Sep 2016

Talker seemed nervous and didn't flow with proper full sentences for a big part of the talk. He just read most of the slides to us, which bored me.
But definitely a very valuable talk, as we need to understand the problems that one will encounter when dealing with inadequate developers.

Had a Condescending tone. and just read the slides.

Very insightful

Matt Vosloo at 16:19 on 29 Sep 2016

I enjoyed the topic. He was honest in a topic that may make some devs a bit uneasy.

Interesting opinions. And liked the polls and online questions idea. Maybe just felt it wasn't as practical a topic as the rest of the lineup.

Lefu at 09:47 on 30 Sep 2016

Points raised were valid, I just could connect with the speaker, I think the tone felt like it came from irritated person, I hope I am wrong.

Speaker came across condescending and seemed to have a grudge against all of humanity

Well structured and well presented talk. One can see he put a lot of effort into it. I honestly think the topic wasn't the best of choices, and perhaps a bit negative. Would love to see him talk again, perhaps on less controversial topic. Or perhaps looking at it from a more possessive point of view.