Hacking Your Way to Better Security


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Fantastic presentation, well spoken, great visuals and relevant content. Would definitely recommend this to all

David du Toit at 09:55 on 30 Sep 2016

Well spoken and presented talk. The interaction with the lazer pointer was nice, and having the presentation slides look like it was examples done in 'real time' was cool.

I am happy the word 'penetration' was only used once during the talk! :P

Using red text on darker backgrounds was a bit difficult to focus on, so that would be my only comment to perhaps change on.

Absolutely brilliant talk. Covered great points. He covered the concepts and showed quick and to the point examples. The presenter was so well spoken. it was refreshing not hear hear 'um' a million times.

Matt Vosloo at 10:21 on 30 Sep 2016

I loved this talk. Very informative. Speaker had a great presentation

Great talk, the presenter was well spoken. Talk was too the point and very informative.

Andre Smith at 12:53 on 30 Sep 2016

The speaker delivered a well prepared, insightful talk. He help my attention for the full hour, and I learned lots about web security. The speaker is a natural when it comes to sharing knowledge with a large group of people.

I enjoyed going through the examples. Covered basic security topics well.

Josh Harington at 23:32 on 1 Oct 2016