Managing Legacy Applications With Composer and Laravel


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Great talk, real life implementations and live demos. Can hear the passion in his presentation, very opinionated:)

David du Toit at 15:03 on 30 Sep 2016

Fast, energetic and had a good point that if the new guy is not able to follow your deployment steps then there may be something wrong with a deployment process.

Y U NO MOVE MOUSE POINTER!! (during normal slides) :P

Andre Smith at 15:14 on 30 Sep 2016

Bernard's public speaking skill improved a lot since last year. The seemed more confident and focused.

The concept he presented is awesome. I know how it feels to be stuck in a legacy system and not having the time or permission to rewrite a new system, in which case incrementally moving it onto a modern platform is the best way.

He sound opinionated though. Using a Framework because one is familiar with it does not necessarily make it the correct tool from the job.
All & all, very good talk though.

Josh Harington at 23:33 on 1 Oct 2016

Very passionate, very helpful

Great yalk and helpful overview.

Reinhard at 09:44 on 3 Oct 2016

Very use full for when you are stuck working and building on a old project.
Passionate talk!

Ettienne Louw at 10:47 on 8 Nov 2016

This was a really brilliant talk, real live examples and implementation which you can adopt and use in your own project.

Dale at 10:58 on 8 Nov 2016

Great talk by someone that has felt the pains and sharing the tribulations. Very insight and created a lot of food for thought.

Ben Edmunds at 17:01 on 8 Nov 2016

Really great talk. Bernhard did a great mix of providing information and then walking you through how to implement that information. This was definitely the best talk of the whole conference.

Colin O'Dell at 19:41 on 8 Nov 2016

Bernhard did a great job explaining the ins-and-outs of migrating a legacy codebase into a more-modern and manageable architecture. I liked that the information was presented in a very practical way with good advice and things to watch out for.

Femi TAIWO at 17:42 on 9 Nov 2016

Bernhard's session was one of the most memorable, especially because this is a problem I have encountered and many other people probably have too. He provided clear, easy to do steps to migrate with minimal downtime and hair-pulling moments.
Good stuff!

Marius Brits at 19:13 on 9 Nov 2016

Great speaker with a wide knowledge of development!