Modern PHP Standards and Community


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Andre Smith at 09:58 on 29 Sep 2016

Good talk. Was a good refresher on stuff I knew, but I also picked up new concepts and information.

Dale at 10:21 on 29 Sep 2016

Direct and to the point

David du Toit at 10:23 on 29 Sep 2016

It was a well presented talk about the new things in PHP as well as the known things we all do. I especially likes the info given in the end of our community, how to participate and help make it better.

Enjoyed it, agree it was an awesome refresher - and picked up a few subtle things I had no idea existed. Well done :)

Well presented. to the point.

Matt Vosloo at 15:49 on 29 Sep 2016

Very informative. Great speaker. Thank you Ben


Nice concise and fast moving review of significant php version changes. Would like to read Ben's security book.

Oscar at 09:43 on 30 Sep 2016

Straight to the point and informative

Lefu at 09:49 on 30 Sep 2016

I enjoyed this topic very much.

Well presented and informative, look foreword to reading his book.

christiaan at 11:12 on 30 Sep 2016

Well presented an very informative

Good presentation, to the point

Fun and insightful overview of all the new shiny things in PHP everyone should be using, but perhaps haven't looked into yet.

Loved the fact that he did some effort to find out what local user groups are in the area, and recommend everyone to get involved!