Progressive Web Apps For PHP Developers


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Fantastic talk, informative, presented well and interactive! Very knowledgeable in his domain.

David du Toit at 14:04 on 30 Sep 2016

I enjoyed the talk, especially the demo of an actual progressive site with the promise of FREE BEER! :)
It is an interesting concept I have not been exposed to much before and I feel I know enough about it now that I can start playing around with it. He has a lot of energy and reacts well to every question. And a BIG list of resources!

Just had one slide of coloured code on a dark background which was not easy for me to see.

Andre Smith at 14:06 on 30 Sep 2016

I found the talk very interesting and I would want to listen to Femi again. He is confident while he presents, and he engages with the audience well.

Ben Edmunds at 14:34 on 30 Sep 2016

Really great talk. Would have preferred a few code examples but very well done.

Enjoyed the presentation. Was impressed with the feature showcase. Didn't know that it was possible to push notifications without installing natively on a device, or that unvisited pages can be locally cached on mobile, or that the add to homepage functionality can be controlled by javascript.

Excellent presentation, Femi was full of energy and excited about what he was talking about, the demo of progressive web apps on our phones was a good idea, presentation was informative as well

Josh Harington at 23:33 on 1 Oct 2016


Great talk.

Really good talk, natural speaker. Would've liked a few more code examples and practical steps, however, the topic was really interesting, and one can see he is passionate about it. Would definitely want to hear him talk again!