The Hunt for Dead Code


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David du Toit at 15:18 on 29 Sep 2016

I really liked the presentation. It had a lot of energy, the speaker seemed to be having fun. The examples were simple yet interesting and I learned a few things about the effect of "dead code" when you try looking for it or even removing it.

Great presentation. speaker is engaging.

Matt Vosloo at 15:55 on 29 Sep 2016

I really enjoyed Damien's presentation. He filled the room. Will take a lot of the information back to my code.

Very awesome. Great humor too!

Absolute highlight of the conference! Love the humour, and the interactive examples to spot redundant php code. Learnt a ton from the the crazy French Canadian Chinese Dutchman!

Oscar at 09:46 on 30 Sep 2016

Highlight of the conference

Great presentation, good humor and nice and informative

Enjoyed the learning experience :D

Jaco Uys at 13:13 on 30 Sep 2016

Very enjoyable and learn quite a lot.

Thoroughly enjoyed this talk! Great insights and now will be looking for "dead code"

Andre Smith at 15:01 on 30 Sep 2016

The hunt for dead code is sometimes seen as a dreadful task, but Damien presented suggestions and warned about common pitfalls in a fun, humorous way.
It was a great talk presented professionally!

Really interesting realizing how code dies over time, and how it becomes exceptionally hard to find. The low level examples on "finding" this dead code was really interesting, but think one should point out how simple it can be using tools like PhpStorm.