What do you get when you combine Microservices and Serverless technology? A big mess you need help sorting out. That’s where the Serverless Framework comes in to help save the day. Gareth will walk through creating your first serverless microservice on AWS Lambda.

In less than 2 hours you can have a ready to roll API endpoint with throttling capabilities, caching and load balancing and never have to spin up a single server.

Come see the two biggest buzz words in our industry in action for yourself.


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Andre Smith at 09:54 on 28 Sep 2018

This was very interesting. Just wish we had more time to work through everything that Gareth had planned. But Gareth tried to get everyone to interactively get the API up and running.
Job well done!

Liam Norman at 18:10 on 28 Sep 2018

Really good workshop, a great start and insight into Serverless!

Justin Fossey at 09:56 on 1 Oct 2018

This was really great, it introduced me to a world I knew very little about and never really considered and often brushed off as not relevant to me. Going forward I am definitely going to look at cloud based technology a lot closer and Serverless gives me a clear starting path for experimenting and learning.

The only negative for me was that I think it was little ambitious to cover so much in such a short time. My suggestion would be to distribute a participation brief of all the technology and setup steps including repo's that are needed and to be installed and setup beforehand. Then a very strict policy where we don't wait for anybody the same way we are strict about time and questions of conference talks. I don't know how practical this is in practice but if it works we would spend more time on the topic we were there for and spend less time fighting Internet and Windows platform issues.

This was a really fun and hands on introduction to Serverless. Now that I have my own API up and running, I think it would be easy to extend it and continue building on it. Thanks for sharing!