Microservices are a thing, and with them come some interesting new ways of building distributed applications. While CQS (and its successor CQRS) and Event Sourcing are not brand new concepts, they have found a new home as relevant design patterns in the world of Microservices.

Gareth will aim to provide a primer for all to understand what exactly these two patterns are, how they work well together and the benefits (and down sides) of adapting your development to make use of them.


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Andre Smith at 15:10 on 28 Sep 2018

As with the workshop, Gareth did a fantastic job! He sounds very knowledgeable in the field teh talked about, and speaks with confidence.
Good structured, well presented talk!

Pieter Gerber at 15:16 on 28 Sep 2018

Interesting topic and well presented. Good job Gareth.

Liam Norman at 00:27 on 29 Sep 2018

Really good talk that broke down some rather complicated topics into easy and digestable chunks.

Justin Fossey at 18:06 on 2 Oct 2018

Some of the topics in this talk were completely new to me and it took me a while to see the bigger picture, but once I got my head around what Event Sourcing really is, I was blown away at the possibilities.

I think this must have been one of the most ambitious talks of the conference trying to show how you can piece together three large topics, Micro-services, Event Sourcing and CQRS.

I think the only difficulty I had was separating the cloud examples from the development patterns as cloud solutions where used as examples and use cases.

After giving it some thought the penny dropped and I realized it was far more simple than I had initially understood.

Gareth was very kind to clarify my miss-understandings after the talk, answering more than just a few questions on the topic.

I think if event sourcing and CQRS could initially be explained without micro-services and then later bring micro-services into the picture would have helped with my confusions.

Taking these concepts and putting them into practice is now the next challenge, something that requires a completely new way of looking at modelling your data and how information flows in an application.