A lot of developers are developing applications without using tests and this is a problem that many software companies face. Tests can improve the reliability of your codebase and also safeguard it against bugs before your code reaches production. We will introduce TDD and how to implement TDD into your project workflow using Travis CI. We will look at a sample Laravel application and how to implement TDD. The topics that will be covered on the TDD front are feature tests vs unit tests, testing events, working with testing databases, implementing PHPUnit and Mockery and using Laravel Dusk to implement browser testing. The Travis CI portion of the talk will focus on how to specifically implement it into your project workflow, we will cover what is CI and what is Travis CI, benefits of using Travis CI, how the build system works, setting up Travis and running builds, announcing build status via notifications and an overview of the Travis CLI. By the end, you will be ready to leverage TDD and Travis CI in your own applications!


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Andre Smith at 11:13 on 27 Sep 2018

Talk was interesting, and Liam painted a clear picture to help one understand where to start and end with testing.

Pieter Gerber at 11:31 on 27 Sep 2018

Interesting discussion and quite helpful with the high level testing concepts. I have to say though that Liam went through the slides a bit too fast and that made it slightly more difficult to follow everything.

Helpful and informative talk on high-level testing. Please share slides.

Matt Vosloo at 14:06 on 27 Sep 2018

Being new to real PHP testing, this talk helped with our new projects.

Nice to re-affirm what your doing with your testing. Good talk for someone who has little to no testing over their project.

Liam Norman (Speaker) at 16:42 on 27 Sep 2018

Hey all, For those of you that want to look at the slides.

Here they are :) https://speakerdeck.com/liamnorman/getting-started-with-tdd-plus-travis-ci?slide=1


Peter at 16:46 on 27 Sep 2018

Interesting talk, that covered the basics of testing in an approachable way

Noel Young at 08:58 on 28 Sep 2018

Very informative talk. Nice primer on where to get started with testing.

Dylan at 13:23 on 28 Sep 2018

Good talk for those of us that are new to testing.

Exactly what you expect from a talk like this!! Well done, clear voice and structured content. Couldn’t tell it was your first presentation. ?

Justin Fossey at 10:17 on 2 Oct 2018

Test for me was one of the big takeaways from the conference and this talk was central to that learning curve. I have used testing but its not part of my every day development processes and what this talk and the previous days workshop showed me is that it needs to be part of my normal development process rather than something that sometimes happens at some point.

Liam gave a great introduction talk cover at a high level the fastness of software testing and touched on several key points and tips. You could easily break this topic up in several talks and workshops focusing on a single topic.

My only comments would that Liam could have gone a little slower. It did allow for more question time at the end but some slides were shown very briefly. As far as I can remember, Liam also played it safe by not breaking away from his slides to do something dangerous like run a test suite live, like maybe PHP Unit or a Travis test build, that would have been great and would have help some people make the connection to where testing fits in and how it all fits together.

Great talk! Was good to recap on all the different types of testing out there. I think it painted a clear picture about the necessity of tests, and how to get started with them.