You’ve heard of Zend’s new framework, Expressive, and you’ve heard it’s the new hotness. In this talk, I will introduce the concepts of Expressive, how to bootstrap a simple application with the framework using best practices, and finally how to integrate a third party tool like Doctrine ORM.


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Andre Smith at 14:10 on 28 Sep 2018

I like the level of detail James explains! He delivers a very easy to understand talk! 5 Stars!

Pieter Gerber at 14:29 on 28 Sep 2018

Very interesting talk, unfortunately we don't use Zend or Slim at all, but it was still very informative. Well done James.

Brilliant! Point came across, well delivered, very clear presentation with funny elements that kept me awake and engaged. Excited to play with this technology! :)

Liam Norman at 00:24 on 29 Sep 2018

Really interesting talk that was very well delivered!

Justin Fossey at 17:32 on 2 Oct 2018

This talks might have been about Zend Expressive but the real lessons learned for me was learning more about the PSR standards and how at the basic level a Framework is put together.

I never thought about the possible benefits of having a Framework that is completely decoupled allowing for a truly bespoke setup tailored to my specific needs.

Seeing how Zend Expressive is able to be built up as a collection of packages based on PSR standards really makes you think about your framework choices. Some people like frameworks to dictate these choices to them and provide a lot out the box, but you could go the other way and seeing how James passionately was able to explain that there really is other options out there with its own benefits.

I think the only difficulty I found was that James showed us all the pieces but understanding it as a whole was not all that clear. Maybe if we saw the default file-system layout at the end with all the pieces would have been great or maybe as part of the introduction.

Unfortunately we ran out of time when it comes to Doctrine, covering it a little more rushed than I think James would have liked.

If somebody gave James a little more time, like in a workshop, this I think would actually be a great topic.