We are delving into scaling Laravel – preparing for live television events with the folks at Swipe. Achieving 10,000 API requests a second on your PHP web application. A practical guide to building scalable, high concurrent & fault tolerant PHP web applications.

Scaling is hard but can be done if you follow certain processes, implement the necessary developer operations and architectural design. In this talk we’ll cover our development methodology, AWS infrastructure, system visibility and monitoring, load & stress testing, deployment processes and setting up a war room.


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Pieter Gerber at 13:23 on 28 Sep 2018

Very informative talk. Would have like to see more within Laravel than AWS, but still quite interesting.

Well done SwipeIX.

Andre Smith at 14:05 on 28 Sep 2018

Informative talk, but it did not keep my attention. Still, a good talk.