The world we live in is one where data is one of the most valuable assets. There are many different pieces of data we can analyse on all kind of data from analytics of user behaviour of your platform, user generated content, monitoring of exception rates, or when your core business model is to provide some kind of analytics platform. In this talk we’ll dive into how you can, in your PHP applications, perform some simple trend analysis techniques to build models, analyse data to get useful information and spot anomalies using machine learning techniques; and how those machine learning techniques can be applied to other day-to-day scenarios too.


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Pieter Gerber at 10:24 on 27 Sep 2018

I found the talk quite interesting as we are venturing into the Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence space. Job well done Michael.

Andre Smith at 11:10 on 27 Sep 2018

I have been wanting to venture into the world of machine learning for some time now, but I didn't know where to start. After Michael's talk, I have a better understanding, and am less intimidated by machine learning now, and cannot wait to start experimenting! Great talk!

Dylan at 12:52 on 27 Sep 2018

Super useful intro to Machine Learning in PHP, and ML in general. Michael is a great communicator and clearly very knowledgable on the topic.

Matt Vosloo at 13:19 on 27 Sep 2018

Fun talk and definitely going to try out the PHP-ML

Informative, took a seemingly difficult subject and made an easy introduction to it, also relevant to the PHP world. Thank you !

Ross van Wyk at 13:39 on 27 Sep 2018

Great talk, Michael has a great sense of humour.

The part about visualising data and the algorithms with graphs was an eye-opener. Awesome talk

Interesting topic

Peter at 16:49 on 27 Sep 2018

Very good talk! Interesting that you can achieve ML with PHP. Michael is a great speaker.

Noel Young at 08:55 on 28 Sep 2018

Michael is a great speaker and this was a great intro to ML.

William Stam at 08:59 on 28 Sep 2018

ive always thought "machine learning is awesome, would love to get into it, but im a simple php developer" this talk made me very happy....

James Titcumb at 10:45 on 28 Sep 2018

Was actually a pretty reasonable talk; well explained theoretical concepts. I would've liked to see a bit more how that phpml library actually does the algorithm stuff tho, rather than just "how to use" samples.

Love the history and buildup of this talk. Delivered in an energetic way that kept me engaged all the way. Well done! :-)

Liam Norman at 00:33 on 29 Sep 2018

Really awesome talk that covered a lot of complex topics in an easy to understand approachable manner. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

Justin Fossey at 10:03 on 2 Oct 2018

This was a great introduction into a world that is very foreign to most developers. It went into some details about the different ways data is grouped and analyzed touching on commonly used algorithms.

When you get to the detail of it, the topic is actually a very challenging topic to cover in such a short time and I think Michael did a really great job. It was a pity we could not ask questions as Michael clearly has a wealth of experience in this field that we could all learn from.

My only comment would be that most of the examples were abstract or theoretical with small data sets to try explain the concepts and that was great and made sense, but I would really have enjoyed an example that connected with our average developer worlds, like taking Apache logs or something similar and extracting some data in some cluster analyses to yield a real world example of using data and machine learning. I suppose the difficulty here is getting the data that legally Michael can display publicly and for it to be a useful enough example to demonstrate.