We have all seen some pretty interesting things happen when using floats. You might even know how to get around most of these problems. But why do these problems occur? Why do floats become so inaccurate when working with really small, or really large numbers? In this talk, we will take a look at fractions through the eyes of a computer to get a better understanding of what’s going on behind the scenes. We will also take a look at some best practices that will help in your career forward.


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Liam Norman at 14:05 on 27 Sep 2018

Really good talk, very interesting information! Very well presented and I did not know about this issue with PHP! Well done Bernhard.

Andre Smith at 14:07 on 27 Sep 2018

I think it was a complicated topic that was presented well. I will definitely keep the learnings in mind when dealing with currenciy amounts from now on

Very informative

Pieter Gerber at 14:23 on 27 Sep 2018

Very well presented Bernhard. I will never look at floats the same way. Seeing floats broken down to binary level was a very interesting experience.

Fun talk, really in depth with the maths, and all around interesting. It's the stuff we don't see and think about every day.

Bernhard explained a difficult topic in a really nice and visual way, It was easy to follow, and he explained it well. Thanks for asking if we are following, and explaining further when you lost us... a bit..

Matt Vosloo at 14:55 on 27 Sep 2018

A math heavy talk but Bernard kept everyone interested. I have had the exact same issues show so I will be using his tips!

Noel Young at 09:01 on 28 Sep 2018

Fascinating talk and great insight into how computers handle numbers. Great talk!

William Stam at 09:05 on 28 Sep 2018

the talk was...... huh? the talk was very very interesting. the research that went into it.... most of us knew some of this i guess but not layed out this way.

Justin Fossey at 13:52 on 2 Oct 2018

I knew there were problems with using floats and precision but I did not know to what extent, Bernhard really opened my eyes and the background history of why was just fascinating looking at base ten vs base two number systems.

I will never compare a float again without thinking about this talk.

It was a very dense Maths heavy talk and there was once when adding precision to the discussion in the middle that I got lost for a short while but caught up again later.

This talk left me wondering about my own code and thinking about how can I fix things going forward and how big the problem could be with lots of hidden surprises waiting to jump out in the future.

I think the only thing for me that was missing was maybe some tips on what to do with an existing system that uses floats. Bernhard did provide rules and guides of how to do it properly but to go from float based system to string based system is not that clear. What would help would be the ability to review the slides from the talk in combination with our existing code base.

Overall a difficult topic done really well.