Behind The Scenes of Open Source Maintainership


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Very inspiring!

Dale at 10:21 on 1 Oct 2015

Insightful and good advice

Anonymous at 10:26 on 1 Oct 2015

Exceptional talk on why it is important to contribute to the open source community as a developer who utilises open source systems.

Very interesting talk.

Excellent keynote talk!

I liked this talk. It made me decide to start getting involved in the opensource community.

Inspiring talk on open source development.

The speaker made points that I had seen but not realized, such as a spelling mistake that you've picked up without being fixing could cause another person to give up on using that code or even open source all together. The talk was eye opening as well as assuring for those wanting to, but hesitant to start contributing.

Very interesting, and I enjoyed the human element of the talk, it wasn't just raw tech.

Best talk of the conference for me some real insights in what its like to maintain a large open source project.
Enjoyed the presenting style. I think anyone who is thinking of releasing open source in the future would have got a good feel of what it would be like should their library/tool become popular. Im glad Jordi mention burnout as that something that really exists in our industry and needs to be talked about more.