Composer: The Right Way


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Awesome speaker, learned a lot about versioning in Composer.

Dale at 14:35 on 1 Oct 2015

5 star presentation! Detailed and very informative. Speaker very likable!

Enjoyed learning more about composer. Very enjoyable speaker.

Rafael kept my attention and the talk was very informative.

Anonymous at 21:13 on 1 Oct 2015

Was engaged well done!

Great talk all together.

Awesome overview.

Fantastic presentation. Questions I had were clarified as well as learning lots of new information. I especially appreciated the explanation of semantic version numbering *sneaks off to change some of my documentation* and playing the install or update game.

Well presented, I wish I was more familiar with composer to get the most out of this talk, though.

Anonymous at 09:49 on 7 Oct 2015

Talk was informative I like the angle of looking at it from library publisher point of view as I generally think about composer as consuming libraries. Solid presentation style with humour equals enjoyable speaker and talk.

Whilst you did mention Satis and Toran I think an added bonus to the talk could be some more details on using composer in a continuous integration environment as I've run into problems with rate limiting even when I used an oAuth token with Github.