Journey Into Your Lizard Brain


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Dale at 09:44 on 2 Oct 2015

Very interesting ideas and inspiring.

Love the analytical way of looking at development and how we think and the processes we go through

Amazing talk. Super inspiring.

Rafael is a gifted speaker. Inspiring talk that every developer needs to hear.

Very good talk. Rafael really inspired me.

What Rafael talked about was something i also believe in so it was very good to hear someone else talk about it, especially on a stage.
Well spoken, easy to listen to and interacted well with the crowd.

It may have been interesting if he added more body to the "lizard" brain part of the talk. Perhaps the pros and cons of actually using that part of our minds as developers.

Very interesting talk, enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.

Interesting, I felt it perhaps lost a bit of direction halfway through, but was still an interesting bunch of ideas.