Managing Legacy Applications


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Dale at 11:42 on 2 Oct 2015

Committed and passionate

Refactoring and rewriting is something that bites us all in the butt at one time or another. Bernhard has a decent approach on how you can deal with both of these in a way that may actually work. :)

This was his first talk i believe and he did seem a bit nervous, but the slides were well done, the pace was pleasant and the point came across just fine. I hope to see him on the stage more in the future.

The format of the talk was spot on. Often I find content on this topic too conceptual to fully understand implementation, but this was the right amount of explanation and concepts to explain a set list of instructions one could use to get started.

A hot topic, speaker was knowledgeable, if a bit nervous on stage. Ideas and concepts were well-communicated, though.