Metrics For Your PHP Applications With StatsD and Graphite + Grafana


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I am actually interested to know what Jeremy's slides looked like before he changed the colours to show on the screen.

Stats on applications is not something to easily chat about, but our team immediately understood and saw the benefit of using StatsD & Graphite. So will be talking to the business.

PS: Drinking beer on the stage was pretty cool as well. :D

PPS: I think it would have been cool if he perhaps showed an actual live graph?

Jeremy's talk highlighted some new tools that I didn't know existed. Stuff that I will now go and research further. Was a good, informative talk.

"After the talk developers should be confident enough to go away and implement these technologies in their applications."

The objective was successfully met. I particularly appreciated how each component was clearly explained with example configuration or links. If I was asked for an overview on Whisper for example, I would be confident in my response. The slides also make a great reference.

Perhaps a bit thin on information, seemed to talk more about past work experience rather than the actual tech. Still a great talk, though.