Schema Design in Schemaless Databases


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Dale at 15:48 on 2 Oct 2015

Thought provoking

Simon is very easy to listen to and he entertains the crowd well. Schema Design etc is not the topic i am usually interested in but i would be very happy to listen to other talks that Simon might present. :)

PS: I will also be reading up more on NoSQL because i did learn from this that it does actually effect what i do (more than i expected).

It was refreshing how the speaker dispensed with all the fluff, hype and kool-aid of the different technologies and rather than promoting any specific database, presenting the differences of them and the implications of those differences. The concept of Polyglot was also introduced to me which is a principle that can be applied not only to the subject of this talk.

Extremely interesting for me, and communicated and formalized concepts many of us are forced to guess at, due to the hate & subsequent lack of convention these DBs get.

No evangelism, just "use the right tools for the job". Sick of people hating on these DBs when they're using them for use cases that don't fit at all.