Is your organisation sticking to the Long Term Support versions of Symfony? You might be missing out on a bunch of interesting new features. In this talk Gerry will give some background on Symfony's release process and versioning policy and go through the pros and cons of sticking to LTS releases. Even more interestingly, he will give an overview of the new features you have been missing out on since the release of Symfony 3.0 (and up to Symfony 3.3).

Gerry Vandermaesen is a Zend Certified PHP Engineer and SensioLabs Certified Symfony Developer, currently working for Devoteam as a consultant.


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Very intresting, but I was hoping to have something a bit more dynamics and with more example on what change and how it's intresting.

I learn stuff, so it was good !

Jos at 14:59 on 3 Jun 2017

Good to see a recap of features I'm missing out on.

I'm not really following what Symfony is doing, I just know it works for most of my purposes. That's why I attended, by hearing some pointers to features I'm unaware of I might more easily convince the business it's worth-while to upgrade instead of keep piling up deprecation notices.

The presentation was a bit rough, the slides were not really styled and could do with some colors or graphics to make the presentation more engaging.

I also had the feeling you are not a regular public speaker, but keep giving talks, you know your stuff, you just need some practice to be more relaxed in front of a crowd, I think.

About the content, there was quite a lot packed in the lists at the end of each minor release.
I think it would be better to pick out some key selling points and focus on that, the question I would like answered: "What do you think the three most interesting features would be in Symfony 3.1/2/3 for me as a developer who uses Symfony everyday on legacy projects?"
More than that certainly gives a more wholesome view on what the Symfony devs have worked on, but for me it gets a bit to chaotic. Especially when you skip through the list, it's quite difficult to read the text and follow which feature you are commenting on.
So in short, less lists (distraction by text on the beamer), more talking :)

If you reduce the number of features discussed you might, as the other comment suggests, give some examples of how it makes my life as a developer easier to use the autowiring functionality for example.
Some pointers as what you are giving up (eg. explicitness of your code) or problems you've encountered using the new features would also be very helpful.

Thanks for the talk, I also learned stuff. Keep giving the talk and improving it.
I think the PHP community really benefits from experts pointing out some key-features which make everyday development easier for the rest of us in an easily digestible way :)