Lunch sponsored by Sunderland Software City


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Wow, those retro lunchboxes were a great idea. And the contents were pretty good too - so many goodies (and even fruit for those who want to be a bit more healthy).

The lunchbreak was probably a bit too long... too long between talks, but not really long enough to go out and see any of the city. And with 130 odd PHP devs trying to find somewhere to sit and eat, it felt a bit cramped.

Excellent lunch, love the lunchboxes! The only "issue" was the fact that there was not a lot of room to sit down and have lunch. Some chairs were added later though :)

echoing previous comments - Lunchboxes were a nice touch, food was nice. It wasn't the easiest to find somewhere to eat though it seemed there was loads of space in the roxy.

The lunch box idea was great and was a nice surprise. The food was good, it wasn't that easy to find a seat but in all fairness I didn't try the other room.

Finding a space to eat wasn't too bad considering; everyone sitting around and on the floor made it feel more communal, especially with the 'packed lunch' feel. The lunch boxes were awesome, a great idea.