Measuring and Logging Everything in Real Time


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Rock solid talk. This talk introduces a whole lot of logging & monitoring strategies. I learned a lot of things and some of the ideas I will definitely use in my own projects.

Do some logging, fired up to do more now! Great talk, good approaches to take without getting too technical.

Very interesting real-life solutions.

Good talk with interesting solutions to try out.

Anonymous at 11:40 on 20 Mar 2013

Probably the most useful talk of the day for me - extremely good stuff.

Great content, very well presented.

Presented in a very clear and calm manner, nice to see that you added metrics in there as well. I learnt a lot from this talk when I saw it at Froscon ("FrOSCon"?) - and it has improved even more since then. I really don't have anything to add.

This was a real eye opener for me and an introduction to tools and concepts I had not encountered before. I will certainly be considering logging more and using that data effectively.

Well Done, Well put together, Lots of food for thought and left me looking to log everything twice

Very cool talk, very well done. I left with some valuable new techniques to something that usually falls by the wayside in the everyday.

Very well presented, I left with lots of good notes and plenty to work into my projects/platform.