Silex Anatomy


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Nice to see some PHP code in a talk at a PHP conference. The title seemed something of a misnomer - Silex and Yolo might have been more appropriate - but the content was certainly interesting, and pitched at a good level of detail; though perhaps pre-supposing a good deal of existing knowledge

Excellent talk, but *OH SO* confusing. I would like to give a 3.5 score, but it's to good to be a 3, so a 4 is definitely apropriate.

Although the content of the talk was good, the buildup wasn't that transparent and it took me until the end of the talk to actually get the picture.

What I liked: how Silex is composed and how Yolo can be considered an improved version of Silex in terms of complexity.

What I didn't really like: instead of showing Silex code and explain why these decision was made, you opted to do it the other way around and started from scratch.

One could say that this talk is not about Silex, but that would be a bit too harsh. I imagine that a couple of people had other expectations. Luckily the talk was good.

Maybe this talk deserves a better title. Other than that, it was great.

Definitely need to give it a try!

Very good talk. It's always nice to see how easily you can put a nice "micro-framework" together with a few well architected libraries.

Though title and abstract did not perfectly match the content of the presentation. You may think about not talking about silex so much, which would give you more time to get into more details of how the anatomy of a simfony2 based micro framework is and how stuff works.

An interesting topic and a good talk, but I was rather confused by the shift in my expectations prior to the presentation.

I left with plenty to think about, a little to decode and some interesting lines of inquiry.