Anxiety, Depression & Stress in IT


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Anonymous at 11:49 on 18 Mar 2014

Very informative discussion surrounding something that affects us all. Really friendly and also very accessible.

Anonymous at 11:58 on 18 Mar 2014

Great talk, sensibly covering an issue affecting most IT workers at some point.

Very personal talk which every developer should see. Every delegate will experience stress in their career and it sounds like the speaker has dealt with it admirably.

Anonymous at 12:01 on 18 Mar 2014

Good talk focusing on important aspects that are all too often ignored. Started nervously but really grew into it. Enjoyable session.

Steph Cook at 14:39 on 18 Mar 2014

This topic is so important in our industry and is often forgotten. Well approached with some good take aways.

Good talk. Despite being a very personal subject he was able to stand up and educate others.

This talk has helped me come to the following conclusion:
People spend too much time on focusing on other people, other things happening, other technologies but forget to take care of themselves and ensure they're healthy.

Definitely do this talk at more conferences!

Very interesting talk! The theory is a bit dull information at first, but when the story about your personal situation is added it makes complete sense.

Presenting wise there are still steps to make. There is no need to be nervous about something you can tell by experience. That will definitely make it even more interesting already is.