How to do that JuJu you wanna do...hoo


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Anonymous at 14:47 on 18 Mar 2014

Wes' presentation was clear and concise but his reading scteen led to disengagement from the audience both before and more so during the demo.

Thanks for the feedback. This was not only the first time I gave the talk or demo but i'd literally written it in the hour before giving it, so all in all pleased I managed to show something at all.

I'll try to make it smoother if I give it again in the future, possibly without the live demo and just showing a replay of a deploy.

Anonymous at 13:34 on 20 Mar 2014

Would give a 3 as well but saw Speaker's comment that he prepared this within the hour. Very well done for on the spot. The other comments are true, too much time turned away from the audience (due mostly to the room), and perhaps a little more discussion about how JuJu fits in with other technologies we know like Puppet or Docker. This is really cool stuff but please show us that.

Anonymous at 13:57 on 20 Mar 2014

Completely new stuff to me here - and I would never have thought you threw that together in an hour honestly. I thought you were confident and your delivery was good. I hadn't really thought about you being turned away from us - but if you have to type to do the demo, then so be it? Very well done Wes.