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I liked this - it's a pretty complex topic but interesting to see how Solr can be leveraged. The code samples had Dutch words which I struggled to remember (and thus associate with previous examples), but on the whole it was good. It's certainly inspired me to have a decent look into Solr and ElasticSearch! :)

It was a really interesting case study, especially since I have been part of a vehicle search/sell project before, and search was one of the largest issues we faced.

I would have liked a bit more about ElasticSearch, but it was interesting hearing about Solr too.

I'm definitely going to keep an eye on where ElasticSearch is going.

Anonymous at 13:23 on 20 Mar 2014

Great talk, well presented. Speaker was confident, took questions well and obviously had serious experience in this field. The examples were excellent and showed how Solr can do things that would be very, very hard to do with a normal database.

The only downside were some of the later examples which were much more difficult and I struggled to understand completely. Probably my fault, there were explanations but I didn't understand all of the alt key double facet stuff.

Still, a very good talk!