Moving Away from Legacy code with BDD


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This was my favourite talk of the day, really clearly delivered and was very knowledgeable, inspired me to get Behat into a new project I am working on.

Good to see the business side of software development being represented at a tech conference. I like the approach of adding a new application layer through HTTP proxying.

A lot of this seemed to be only relevant to certain situations, and I didn't agree with some of what was discussed.

In general it was a good talk, but I didn't take as much away from it as I had expected to.

Anonymous at 12:28 on 20 Mar 2014

BOOM! You nailed it dude. Finally starting to see a real formalised future where devs can add value rather than rewriting the same code over and over. Car analogy was Sweeeeet! Awesome to see behat and PHPSpec making getting up to speed faster and less work than not using them!

Anonymous at 13:39 on 20 Mar 2014

Excellent talk mixing tech and business. The second half of the talk about code was very good but discussed the tech in a more business context. Honestly, it was the first half of the talk about using Impact Mapping, Feature Mapping and BDD at different stages, what they offered, etc that were the killer sections for me.

This was a really good talk, my favorite of the conference but I'd love to see a full length version or workshop focusing on just the first half.

Anonymous at 13:58 on 20 Mar 2014

A heck of a lot to take in on this one - all good stuff. The impact mapping stuff is great - I have read the book so it was nice to know I'm on the same page as Inviqa ;) Very confidently delivered.

Anonymous at 09:45 on 21 Mar 2014

My favorite talk of the day, every developer has been in this situation, the impact mapping stuff was all new to me & something I'm going to look at further, and during this talk I had a lightbulb moment about phpunit/phpspec/behat and how they all fit together to help make better software.

An excellent talk. I find too many people look at the tech aspect and not the balance between the tech and the business so it was nice to see a talk coming from this angle. There was a lot if information to take in but it was all of really good quality. An excellent talk both in subject matter and delivery.