PHPWomen: ask us anything


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Excellent session with lots of information I didn't know about PHPWomen. The very personal story of Jenny was impressive and scary at the same time. It was good to hear about the PHP training thing happening in the US soon, and the plans for the new site. Thanks!

Steph Cook at 14:43 on 18 Mar 2014

Found this really informative. Learnt some new things about the efforts of phpwomen. The personal story from Jenny really put things into perspective and she was obviously very passionate about the topic.

Anonymous at 14:54 on 18 Mar 2014

Jenny done an amazing talk about PHPWomen, and her experiences with the usergroup. Really informative and engadging with the audience, even if (admittedly) some of us just came in for a seat at lunch. I can now say I proudly support PHPWomen and already have plans to contribute and potentially join the community :)

An excellent discussion promoting PHPWomen. Thanks to Jenny for sharing her personal story, I can't imagine it's easy telling that to a bunch of strangers - it amazes me that people can treat other people so badly sometimes, and really demonstrates why PHPWomen is so important.