Practical Event Sourcing


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Anonymous at 13:32 on 18 Mar 2014

Interesting, pretty clear delivery.

Anonymous at 21:45 on 18 Mar 2014

A really enlightening, well presented talk about a very useful technique I've not come across before. Thanks Mathias.

Anonymous at 22:04 on 18 Mar 2014

Very interesting talk with some good content

Very interesting topic, pity there was not time for more examples. Talk was delivered well with good explanations.

Interesting topic, and good presentation.

Definitely gave me some things to think about.

Anonymous at 13:17 on 20 Mar 2014

Good talk that a complicated topic sound very easy. Lots of practical examples. Speaker spent a little too much time explaining his own code style which was distracting and would have liked to see database schema examples, just for completeness. Good talk, would recommend.

Anonymous at 13:48 on 20 Mar 2014

Very interesting and informative - would loved to have had time to see the full slide deck, and maybe over 2 hours with a smaller group where questions could be a little more free flowing, this would make an excellent learning experience. I took away a ton of knowledge / ideas / principles from this, perhaps more-so than with any other talk throughout the day. A very deep topic and a toughy to deliver over a short time span, but overall very well executed.

It makes so much sense! Why only record what you think you want. Record everything and then project it later. This is a concept I have thought about before but would never have thought it would have worked in the real world. I would have loved to have seen all the slides and had more time to go into depth. The problem is it would be too much for a talk. It might lend itself to a workshop or tutorial day though.

@Calum Bulmer:
I'll teach this as a workshop at DPC14