The Seven Deadly Sins of Object Orientation


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I had the feeling the start of the talk was a bit chaotic, but once you dug deeper into each of the deadly sins the chaos vanished. It is amazing how you simplify pretty complex topics and explain them in a clear, understandable way. The chosen topics were good. Thanks.

Steph Cook at 14:41 on 18 Mar 2014

I found the structure of this talk a little hard to follow however you made some excellent points which I'm sure I will take into the work place. Your answers to the questions were also excellent.

I found this talk very clear.

Nice presentation of stuff to look out for when doing object oriented development. Some good examples and explanations of when and where things can go wrong.

I liked that you had examples to back up most of your points. Some of the topics felt quite basic, but very good delivery and clear explanations.

Great concise talk - some of the points were a bit obvious if you work in an environment where coding standards are high - although we are not all OOP PHP gurus ..yet !

Anonymous at 13:51 on 20 Mar 2014

Interesting and well delivered. I found the subject a little 'basic' - for want of a better word - but the topics were clear enough and good for reinforcing the concepts.

My off topic feedback would be - I went searching for your Tailwinds website to find out a little bit more (loved the logo) - but struggled. Maybe I missed the link in your presentation?