First Steps with the Zend Framework


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Good easy intro to a complex subject, having used ZF for over 2 years now I forget how overwhelming it can be for ZF virgins to get their heads round - the pain is definitely worth it though!

Anonymous at 11:15 on 22 Nov 2008

Good Talk. Needed to be code savvy to follow it all. But I will definitely look into zend framework more.

Is it true that the speaker has a book coming out? ;-)

Although I wasn't sure beforehand, after this talk I will definitely be seriously looking into the Zend Framework. He started to lose me near the end, but I suppose it was just a case of looking at code and not coding. I might even be buying the book! :)

Anonymous at 19:16 on 25 Nov 2008

I've been a user for Symfony for a good 6 months now, but this presentation really peaked my interest in Zend and I will be having a dabble in the near future. Very good introduction.