Index and Search, options for PHP programmers


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Good, confident, well annunciated speaker - makes it easy to follow complex subjects. Good analysis of Lucene implementations between PHP / Java. Nice well rounded talk :)

Detailed talk - but seemed to go off on a tangent about optimizing code.

Would like to know more about actual php interfacing with libraries for searching and the indexing.

Speaker was clear and excellent though.

Anonymous at 16:51 on 22 Nov 2008

Very interesting talk. My background is very low level (os/assembler/embedded), so it was plenty geeky enough for me.
It wasn't actually about what I thought, though.

Fascinating and informative talk, although the title was completely wrong.

Anonymous at 09:10 on 25 Nov 2008

Totally absorbing talk, even though the thought of doing something like that myself, has no appeal.

Its fantastic that there are people who can cover this kind of stuff for the benefit of so many developers.

Enjoyed this alot. In retrospect I agree the title's misleading but I was that impressed with the academic depth I quickly forgot what I might have hoped to get from it.

I would love to read Zoe's dissertation in full if it's available.

Anonymous at 19:18 on 25 Nov 2008

I'll honest, I found this talk a bit strange. Not what I expected at all. The only parts I found remotely interesting were some of the debug tools she used.

However, the real let down was to have a 40 minute lecture that told me that PHP is slow compared to a compiled language like Java. Well, duurrr?