One of PHP’s strengths has always been its low barrier-of-entry. It’s also one of its weaknesses however. In this keynote I will talk about the first steps of getting to know PHP, its community and developers. Of course times have changed now, and we are in the Web 2.0 era now, but the KISS principle still applies; for application design, for UI design and for server set-ups. I will also take you to the application development side of the KISS principle, with simpler architectures you can more easily make powerful complex applications.


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Rated 4

Anonymous at 10:17 on 22 Nov 2008

Great. Some good points. Things I've learned over 20 years of programming. Good to see such principals being promoted for web/php.

Great intro to the day, got a few laughs with flashturbation stuff ;)





reall good talk.. just the last slide with the alternating colour/black and white started to trigger my photosensitivity..

Good as a light introduction to the day.

Rated 4

Anonymous at 21:43 on 22 Nov 2008

Great talk with some good humour.

Nice range of topics covered; well presented and appreciated.

Interesting (and funny) talk about usability and website design. Not heard the term flashturbation before, but it completely makes sense.

Derick even followed KISS in his slides by having a maximum of 2 words per slide.

slightly less good than at IPC, but probably mostly due to jetlag. I still loved it though.

Rated 3

Anonymous at 08:52 on 25 Nov 2008

I bit of a rant, and similar but not as good as the London conference.

Some valid points though.

Very nice talk. Good analogies. Perhaps more energy?