MySQL EXPLAIN: Explained


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It was really good, as an amateur to Regex it was good to see it explained better than any resource I have found online so far.

Whoops wrong talk.
But this one was good too, I never knew about EXPLAIN, so was happy to see a talk on something I knew nothing about.
I'm sitting and starting to debug my queries on my website now :-)

Wish talk was longer ith more info about mysql optimisation in general :-)

info in 30 minutes was helpful though

Thanks Adrian,

A most excellent talk, very well presented with good slides.

I'll look forward to using EXPLAIN :)



Useful talk - if only it had been longer! :-)

Well presented and good content.

Excellent talk, well presented, well explained. Very clear.

Anonymous at 09:00 on 25 Nov 2008

Excellent talk. With such a lot to get through in the 30 min time slot I felt that this talk could have replaced some of the hour ones, giving the speaker time to 'explain' in a little more detail.

A very coherent, well presented talk with lots of practical examples. Seeing the performance boost you get from these simple steps was pretty stunning too. I look forward to putting the practices described to use.