Regular Expression Basics


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It was really good, as an amateur to Regex it was good to see it explained better than any resource I have found online so far.

Learn't a little more than i knew before the talk :)

Thanks Ciaran,

Helpful talk on regex, cleared up a few issues for me.



Most of the talk was obvious to me - however I didn't know about the named placeholders - obviously $matches[1] is so much better.... *ahem*

It should perhaps have mentioned the problem with $ - in that it can contain a newline - see

Well done. One thing that really stuck to me was the way you can document your regexp by using comments, I had no idea that was possible.

Anonymous at 09:01 on 25 Nov 2008

Enjoyable talk, but I felt the examples should have show results of the code a little more than they did.

I know my regexp but thought I'd stick around as iteration always helps - and as GingerDog said - that named placeholder syntax was a surprise so I learned something new too.