Twittex: From idea to live in 7 days


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Really interesting insight into what you did, and great to see you honestly analysing what you did right and wrong.

Timeline graphics were very cool too (what software was it? Mac-only?), apart from the way each of the days were spread out far too much.

(the guy that asked about how much you pay for messages, who got logged out of this site within an hour, weirdly)

Very good talk. Intersting beyond what hat i expected. Very well done and good luck with your "new project". As a side note, i had heard of tittex but not of any of the others..

Anonymous at 15:28 on 22 Nov 2008

Very interesting. Fantastic information. Lots to think about.

Great talk - perhaps my favourite (with my non-coding hat on).

Your honesty was really useful, as it's often hard to find such insights into project management.

I had heard of twittex - but must have looked when it was 10p a message and thought it was interesting, but perhaps too expensive. I don't use twitter anyway.

Anonymous at 08:57 on 25 Nov 2008

The highlight of the conference, Stuart's presentation was informative, witty, and relaxed, for what must have been a stressful project.

I loved that he could talk about what they did wrong. Having good, solid, reliable, reusable systems means that re-use is easy and development of new projects can be achieved quickly.

Slick, honest, humourous and well-paced presentation. Pleasures, perils and pitfalls of rushing an app to market when time is of the essence.

Good use of timeline software to pace the story of how it had been anticipated, how it was, and how it ought to have been.

Interesting talk about what sort of lessons there were to learn from marketing Twittex.
It was well presented and honest with a few 3D time lines.
This talk make a nice change to the morning of heavy coding talks.