Building an Anti-CMS (and how it's changed our web team)


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Very interesting talk. I liked your take on the classic CMS and enjoyed listening to some of the things you've done with your system. Overall a very enjoyable talk.

Some interesting concepts about how content writers are not interested in anything except the content they write for the pages, however the whole concept of Anti-CMS still manages to elude me. To me utilising a framework of sorts to create separate interfaces for content writers is still providing a CMS style structure for them, its just how you utilise that same content across different websites that removes the typical CMS feel from the whole process.

Great presentation though and I will definitely be looking at a few of my sites again :)

Well delivered talk. I was unclear how the problems levelled at CMS in general were applicable though - they seem more about how you implement your site, not necessarily about what framework you were using.

I was considering giving this talk a 3 based on the fact that I was not expecting the "use a framework" talk that we got - however I realise that the introduction clearly mentions this, and it's my fail for not reading it! In fact, based on that, Michael delivered everything he said he would - and whilst not going technical enough for me, it was presented well.

We've had similar experience using Symfony to deliver "content-managed" sites to clients so I understand where this was coming from. I dont think the presentation lived up to the title - which was by far the most intriguing in the conference, perhaps just a good old fashioned conclusion at the end of the benefits of model driven content managements would have helped?

A well presented talk, always interesting to see what approaches others use to fulfill certain requirements.