Getting Involved with the PHP Project


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This was my favorite talk of the event. I learned a lot about the project and was surprised at the many ways people can help. Before now I though it would be a team of only highly select C guru open-source veteran type people that would be working with the development of PHP. I liked the comedy aspect too...Ming? :P

I'm definitely going to look into helping out myself even if its just with just testing.

You should see him do it in a kilt!

Scott's always reliable for winding me up over my PECL extensions, glad to serve him back a little bit of his own medicine this time round.

Nice insight into the inner workings of the folk really doing php.

Good quality heckling from the PHPrincess too!

I agree with Kewley. This was my favourite talk of the entire event too!

He has certainly inspired me to look closer at the PHP Project and get involved!

Again, as Kewley said.... Ming.. lol :)

A great, inspiring talk to really encourage more people to get involved in the PHP project.
The video should be an entertaining watch too for those who missed it :-)

A great talk and delivered with great effect. The friendly banter and heckling just shows the very genuine, human side of the guys behind PHP.

Thanks all for the feedback.

I've already updated to add some of the questions from Fiona that were made during the talk and a little bit more on the QA side to include what happens on the bug tracker.