Integrating Zend Framework and Symfony


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great talk which made clear the fact that exclusivity is no longer required when it comes to choosing a framework. Skoop made a great case for Symfony alongside Zend Framework and this is certainly something i'll try in the future.

I was worried this talk was going to be a flop, well done Stefan - it turned out pretty good! I'm going to look at a project we are just starting this week and see how I can use some of the Zend bits and bobs (Lucene maybe) to help us along, now you've demonstrated how simple it really is.

Good stuff - nice to get to hear some info on the components in symfony v2.0 as well.

Knew most of this already, but I expected I would :) Think quite a few people were impressed with how well symfony copes with Zend components.

Drop a thumb because there's a little room for improvement on the slide design.