Introduction to Yii


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A good introduction to Yii, Steve did a live demo building a blog application in 30 mins! A lot of code flashed before my eyes but Steve showed how you can quickly build something with the framework. Thanks Steve.

Sorry but i was very disappointed with this talk. Like previous poster has mentioned it was far too copy-paste-centric. Had really hoped for a good overview of the framework, its features/advantages over alternatives etc but we got none of this. Disappointment was final when i questioned the speaker about why he had promoted the framework as being aimed at "enterprise level websites", I asked what features exactly made this the case. Unfortunately the speaker couldn't really identify any.

Although I was sold on the idea behind Yii the talk centred around Steve copying and pasting code into the project and giving a brief explanation about what is was doing. I got a bit lost in several places and didn't really know what was going on. However, I was impressed by the abilities of Yii and will be giving it a more serious look in the future.

Given such a small amount of time, Steve did a great job of showing just how fast you can get a simple web application off the ground with Yii. I am certainly interested and am looking at using it for some projects I have coming up.

The only criticism I have is perhaps Steve being a little unprepared for some of the questions. Anyone could go find out at the website but we're all far too lazy for that, especially just after lunch! :P

I think this kind of talk is much better suited to an hour at least where you can break up the copy-pasting with further information but we can't have everything now can we?

All in all, a great talk about what appears to be a great framework. Good job, Steve!