Making Your Life Easier: Xdebug


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I also use xDebug for a while now but I actually learned about the environment vaiable to enable cli debugging .. thx!

Very good talk. I'd never heard of xdebug but I'll definitely give it a go!

Having not looked into Xdebug before this presentation was actually a real eye opener for me, I will definitely be trying this out even if it's just on my own development server at home.

great stuff, made my head hurt after a while tho..

Exactly what it said on the tin - always a pleasure to listen to Derick's voice, the informed content and "active" delivery come as a bonus!

Very concise and informative.

A really good talk that introduced me to exactly what Xdebug can do which is great because it looks like a really helpful tool. Good demos and presentation.

An excellent talk that showcased some features that I didn't know were in XDebug. It wasn't too technical either so there was no brain-fatigue afterwards.

Derick is an excellent speaker and kept me interested throughout.

Derick mentioned KCacheGrind as a Linux application for viewing xdebug's profiling output. As KDE4 runs also on Windows it is possible to run KCacheGrind on this platform as well.