Optimizing Your Frontend Performance


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Great presentation on how to optimise front end website performance but you really needed to have a grasp of some of the concepts before hand or you could have been left wondering what a couple of the sections actually do. Personally it just reinforced the concepts and ideas I already use to ensure optimal frontend performance.

Just as well I understood most of the principles that were being described, and it covererd a lot of methods very very quickly - fortunately the list of links provide a lot more details on each method.
Thomas clearly knows his business, but perhaps assumes that everybody else has a similar level of knowledge

A little slow - could have had a bit more enthusiasm (personal opinion, I just like a bit of zing) but otherwise a lot of good content and some well presented ideas.

Could have been good to explain the profiles a bit more with the YSlow tool, it's very nice to be able to turn off tests that are not relevant or important so you can get the "A" to show your manager without getting a low score based on something you have no control over like gzipping or using a CDN.

I especially liked the way Thomas dealt with the "naughty kids" in the room who were having their own discussion - turns out they *did* have something to share with the rest of us :o)

I've been in web development for a few years and have spent many hours looking at web site performance. Thomas was still able to show me a few things that I didn't know about.