Speeding Up The Snail and Making Drupal Scale


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Great talk. I know from working with Marcus he knows a ton about Drupal and it showed in his talk. A ton of people asked questions and made comments at the end showing everyone was interested in the topic and wanted to learn more.

I was hoping for a little bit more information about using Drupal. However, the talk was a fantastic introduction to all of the different ways to speed up a dynamic website, what to watch out for, and how much performance is gained in each step. I now have a lot of reading to do one the subject. Thanks Marcus!

Can't wait to try out the measures outlined in this talk on some of my larger sites, though varnish and edge server includes give me the fear!

A useful presntation from a knowledgable developer - the techniques described werent just drupal specific and varnish is now on my radar. I'm not giving it a 5 like everyone else but thats just so I can rate other talks higher.