SPL, not a bridge too far


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Pretty straightforward run through of basic SPL features.

Questions at the start about the experience/knowledge of the audience were the wrong way 'round though? On the slides they were "do you know xxx?" where Michaelangelo asked the audience "who doesn't know xxx?". Too confusing for a Saturday morning! :-)

Interesting to hear about a part of PHP I'd never come across. I liked the mix of explanations and examples to make things clear. Some of the code examples where hard to follow on the presentation screen but the explanations cleared things up.

Good presentation, I enjoyed the honesty of the speaker when he covered sections that he didn't know about. There were good examples to help explain the concepts. Thanks Michelangelo!

The slides contains very good content, and I'll be looking at them later on slide share. I am definitely going to look into using the SPL classes more in the future.

This talk was excellent. I think the content (particularly ArrayObject and the CSV examples) will be something I can use in projects straight away.


Great overview of the SPL.
Adding in some examples of where we might have encountered implementations of the SPL in common libraries / frameworks might have helped people identify with the features a little more.

Overall a very good talk!