The beauty and the beast - API Documentation with phpDocumentor


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Bastian's talk was an introduction to PHPDocumentor, but he still managed to give me hints and tips on how to improve my own API documentation.

Job well done !

Very good introduction to phpDocumentor. It's a subject I've been meaning to look into but never really go around to. I'll definitely be looking further into it. On thing I would have liked to see is a live example. I'm not sure you would have had the time, or whether you think it necessary, but i thought it would have been good.

Overall a very good and clear presentation.

Nice introduction into the basics of PHPDocumentor but I feel a bit more emphasis on configuration (ini files etc) may have been more beneficial than covering a specific IDE integration method. The SVN integration would have made for a nice discussion but shame there wasn't quite enough time to fit it in.

A lot of good content but the delivery lacked enthusiasm (possibly due to the frustration with the screen saver kicking in every few minutes!) - I was left feeling like things went slowly and the talk could have been done in half the time.

Not a *bad* talk - still some very good points and a good mix of content and examples.

A good talk with some good examples to show what PHPDocumentor is capable of. A shame about the technical problems, but otherwise a very well delivered talk.