Tools and Talent


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Good reinforcement of stuff we should already know/practise

Yeah ok. Not bad.

I'm sure you could have picked a more flattering pic though :-D

Very good talk and some good practices there to know for future reference :)

A well presented talk on how to choose and implement new tools in the development cycle with a minimum of disruption or members of the team feeling they're being forced into it, and how to get the best benefit from their use.
The emphasis on the processes involved made it very relevant to managing a development team.

The ghostbusters references made it amusing - though I didn't see Slimer in the list at all.

good talk, well presented, with good analysis into best practices we should all follow.

Great illustration of the steps for dropping new tools and working practices into an organisation. And the analogy ramped up the accessibility.

"We got the tools, we got the talent!" - Winston Zeddemore.

Good talk and great to get some insight into another dev team and their working (and drinking) practises.

Nicely delivered and interesting to get an insight into another organisation's approach to deploying new tools.

A great talk and an important subject for many I am certain. Well delivered.