Abstracting functionality with centralised content


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although we arrived halfway during the talk, I was really liking the relaxed way Michael was presenting his talk.

good job!

Interesting concepts and ideas, inspired me to make sure I will be looking at our revisioning structure with this in mind to see where I can make improvements

I found this talk very useful indeed, more so than some of the sessions from the "main" part of the conference.

walked away with some very good ideas and a few changes planned to our cms I think.

presented very well, albeit a bit quiet at times and disrupted briefly by the workmen next door, but Michael didn't let that interrupt him or slow down the momentum of the talk.

Big props for stepping into the breach when the previous speaker was late and for not being put off by the drilling that started 5 minutes from the end.

Although the concepts weren't anything especially new to me, it did reinforce that we need to use something like this when the fabled day comes that we refactor our database. With that in mind I would have liked a look at how to move a database schema towards this model.

Michael did an excellent job of presenting his interesting talk, especially as he unexpectedly had to step into the first slot of day and battle against the noise of drilling.
It was clearly presented, though I'm not sure that I'll be using this approach any time soon.